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Here in the Personal Computer category you”ll find general information which includes but not limited to News, How To and a lot more on the different variety of PC devices available.

Screenshot app for windows

Top 5 Best Screenshot Apps for Windows

Taking screenshots on a Windows PC is easy. However, pressing the "PrntScrn" and getting the basic screenshot may not be everyone's choice. And this is where the screenshot app for windows...
Mac screenshot shortcut

How to Take a Screenshot on your Mac

Taking screenshots is common that we often do on our PC, smartphones, laptops, and MAC. And though this is a simple thing to do, often new users do not know about...
best music apps for Android

Google Discontinues Play Music Manager for Windows

Google has already announced the shutting down of Play Music, its music streaming app by this year's end. May this is to push its YouTube Music service, it's scheduled the death...
Kik on PC

How to use Kik on PC: Using Android Emulators (2020)

Messaging applications for android have advanced and enable the users to send larger files of their choice such as media content. The users can choose the messaging application that can conveniently...
Chromecast Google TV

Chromecast Google TV surfaces over the Internet before the Launch

Chromecast Google TV leaked before the official launch on September 30th. It is the first dongle for streaming videos which comes with its own remote and an Android TV OS. Android...
Man Sentenced for Misusing CSIRO Computers to Mine Cryptos

Man Sentenced for Misusing CSIRO Computers to Mine Cryptos

A 34-yo Australian man was sentenced to 15 months of imprisonment by the Australian Federal Police for allegedly misusing the resources of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). While...
unblur a photo

How to unblur a photo using different software

Sharpening an image is essential towards making the user attain images that are in perfect condition, the user can use the available set of methods available for them to unblur the...
Giant Eagle MyHRConnection

How to Sign Up for Giant Eagle MyHRConnection

There are many functions performed by the HR Connection that require much processing of information. Giant Eagle MyHRConnection has been helping people around the world for long. The platform enables users to appreciate...
How to Download and install the latest Lenovo USB drivers

How to download and install the latest Lenovo USB drivers

Most of the Lenovo devices are designed to equip a lot of tasks in themselves. But even then, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage tasks like transferring files, installing a new...
Maze Ransomware Uses VirtualBox Windows 7 to Encrypt Systems

Maze Ransomware Uses VirtualBox Windows 7 to Encrypt Systems

Researchers at Sophos Labs discovered that Maze ransomware group has evolved with an old technique to encrypt systems using a VirtualBox. This method was previously used by Ragnar Locker group, who...