How to Block Robocalls

A pre-recorded automated call with a robot voice dialed by automated software is a robocall. These are mostly used by the companies to share their messages to thousands of their customers and other people through an autodialer. Most of them are spammed. They act like government agencies or private firms promoting their products, and some may be pretending to be a fake job opportunity. The scariest part about these is that they sometimes contain information about you and your family and try to hack your bank accounts. So, we need to stop these calls. Here are a few methods you can follow to block these. So, read on to know how to block robocalls.

Steps to block  robocalls

Don’t engage

If you answer a robocall by mistake, you must be quiet and not uttering a single word. It may be the question you, but you have to never reply in ‘yes’ because it may be recorded as proof for further approvals like purchasing a new credit card.

Do not press any number

If you accidentally answer a robocall, and the recorder asks you to press a number, refrain from doing that. Sometimes, they even ask to press a button to remove your number from their list. But you can tell them they can keep calling rather than pressing a button.

Hang Up

You can instantly hang up a robot call and do not allow them to waste your time anymore.

Never share any personal info

Any of the reputed authorized company or bank and government agencies will never call you to share your personal information over call before they send an official legal message on your mail. So, avoid these tricky methods of robocalls to vomit out your personal information.

Clarify your supposed “problems”

There are even calls claiming that they are a certified company or an agency (for example, about your post-paid mobile bill) do not trust them. In that case, directly call your company branch on their provided number and ask them whether the problem is really to sort out or not.

Do not be bluffed

Robocall’s number might look similar to your number. So, be careful because these scampers do not reveal their location and pretend the number close to your number.

Do not answer

Never answer calls from unknown numbers. If there is a legal call, it will leave a message for you. So, never answer an unrecognized call considering it to be a robocall.

Use call-blocking apps

You will get several apps like Hiya – Caller Id and Block, Nomorobo, Truecaller, Call Control – Call Blocker, and many more on the play store to block these robocalls. These apps contain numerous numbers of robocalls and automatically scan the spam numbers and block them immediately.

Block individual phone numbers

This feature is on your device. It may not block all the scampers, but at least those disturbing you daily. You can block these individual numbers from the call history. Tap on the number you want to block and click on report/block spam.

Set your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode

This feature will only allow your contacts to connect with you and stop all other unknown robocalls like spam calls and telemarketing etc.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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