Activity Goals on Apple Watch

Are you prepared to move and bump up your calorie goals? With Apple Watch you can now track your daily exercise and movements differently as compared with other fitness trackers. Instead of only focusing on your steps, Apple Watch focuses on your calories. Apple Watch keeps track of your daily calorie goals and considers both your physical activity like exercise and even passive activities like sleeping or sitting. It helps to determine the number of calories you burn in a day.

The activity goal on the Apple Watch cannot be changed that is set for thirty minutes, but you can complete the particular goal multiple times. The Activity app rewards if you complete two or more exercise rings in a day. With the Activity goals on Apple watch, you can track your steps, stairs, exercise, workouts, and many more.

How to Change Activity Goals on Apple Watch

As you start using your Apple Watch, it suggests you with new move goals. And if you are regularly using and beating your new move goals, you will start getting notifications from the Activity app if you want to bump up the goal. After bumping the goals for few times, Apple Watch suggestions for new goals can increase slightly. So, instead of following the suggestions received from Apple, you can change the activity goals yourself.

  • On the Apple Watch, launch the Activity app. You can recognize this app icon with three rings.
  • Swipe the Watch face upwards and Choose Change Goals
  • With the use of plus and minus buttons, you can adjust your daily move goals. After selection of the number of calories that you wish to burn in a day, choose Next.

That’s all. You can now check your activity for the day on the Apple Watch. You can check the entire history of your activity using the Fitness app on the iPhone.

How to Check the Number of Steps Taken in a Day?

The Apple watch helps to track the number of steps or flights of stairs taken. It also helps its users to complete the move goal. While climbing stairs, it also counts to close the exercise ring.

With the use of the launched Activity app on the Apple watch, you will need to turn the crown to scroll down on the Apple Watch, or you can also swipe down to scroll on the face of the Apple watch

For results, you can check at the bottom of the page to get the total steps taken, the distance you have walked, or even the flights of stairs that you might have climbed.

How to turn On or Off the Notifications on Apple Watch

If you do not want the Apple Watch to remind you every time you need to stand after every hour and don’t like to get pestered for exercising, you can turn off some of the notifications and can even set them back again. With some easy flips, you can turn On or Off the Apple Watch Activity notifications.

On the iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app and select My Watch towards the bottom of the iPhone screen.

Go down and select Activity

For the watch to not send you any activity reminders, Choose Notifications Off. If you do not wish the Apple watch to notify you with a sound, you can select Send to Notification Center. This will remind you about your activity goal without the buzzing of your watch. You will notice a red dot at the top of the screen to alert you to the notification.

You can even select to turn off the reminders to stand, daily coaching, challenges, or even goal completions individually.

How Do I Check by Activity Awards on Apple Watch?

Have you ever thought of Awards with your Apple watch? Yes, you get a $5 discount for doing thirty minutes of exercise in a day at Starbucks. There are various digital awards.

On the Apple, watch open the Activity app

Swipe toward the left to open the screen for Awards

Tap on a particular award to view its details. Monthly challenges are special awards that will be listed on the top of the screen.

With this, you can check your perfect activities done day and set a new record.

The Apple Watch is the perfect smartwatch to track your fitness goals. You can keep track of your complete activity, and Apple makes sure that you complete it.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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