How to Change Ok Google Command

We can importune Google Assistant by called Ok Google or Hey Google. But after sometimes it sounds a bit repetitive. Is it possible to have an alternate phrase that can be used rather than saying Hey Google or Ok Google command? Do you want Google to dance to your tune? So, how to change OK Google command to something else? Lamentably, Google does not permit this feature to change its patent way to conjure its assistant. But third-party customization made it possible.

Google’s software can be hacked and modified to make changes. So, with additional software or a third-party app, we can replace the phrase of Ok Google to our choice. For that, we have to follow certain steps and guidelines.

Don’t worry about this. You do not have to make so many changes to your device. First of all, you have to install a third-party app on your device. After that, you must disable patent Ok command and change it to your preferable phrase mobilize Google Assistant.

How to change Ok Google command

Step 1- Download an app

Firstly, you have to install a third-party app Open Mic+. Being a third-party app, it is available on the play store. For downloading this app, you would have to visit several APK portals available over the internet. You have to download this app from one of these portals. Please note that your device is updated to the latest version of OS to complete this process.  

Download and complete the Open Mic+ app’s installation by enabling installation for the unknown app in the setting option.

After that, click on Google >app in the bottom right corner. You will find a More option. Click on it.

Then, click on Settings > search for Google Assistant and click on it

Click on the Voice Match option under the Popular Settings

Click on the toggle close to Hey Google , and you have to disable the Hey Google or Ok Google Command. It concludes that Ok Google or Hey Google Speaking commands will not be put by Google Assistant.

Step 2- Setting up Customized Phrases to importune Google Assistant

Though we have already disabled the default Hey Google or Ok Google command, now we will have to set up our customized commands.

Open the installed Open Mic+ app

Hotword Detection option must be turned on

Click on Say and Change OK Google by writing your preferable command. (For Example – My phrase is “Charlie”)

Then, click on Green Play Button

Open Mic+ will be instantly activated, and it will listen to the voice command from you.

At the time you speak your customized command, Google Assistant will turn on to show it. For illustration, convoke the fundamental assistant. You would have to speak “Charlie” that you have customized earlier.

And you are done! Now Google will dance and wake up on your customized phrase. You can change it as many times you want but with the updated version of OS on your device. Try these steps and change the Hey Google or Ok Google commands into your customized commands.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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