who added you on Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular photo and video app that lets customers add filters, captions, and more to messages which disappear as soon as they’re viewed. Like most social media, Snapchat allows you to feature friends so that you can exchange personal messages within your network. But how to see who added you on Snapchat?

So let’s talk about how to see who added you on Snapchat? Whether you have got an iPhone or an Android device, the manner for seeing who added you on Snapchat is precisely the same.

How to see who added you on Snapchat?

who added you on Snapchat

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app for your Android or iOS phone.

Step 2: From your Snapchat’s home display, find the icon at the top of your display screen resembling a plus sign (+) and a person’s face or figure. 

If someone has sent you a request or added you on Snapchat recently, a yellow circle with a number will appear overlapping the icon. Tap the icon depicted. 

Step 3: View who has added you on Snapchat recently beneath the “Added Me” option.

 Any new Snapchat request can be seen in this menu.

How to send Friend requests on Snapchat?

Sending requests on Snapchat is quite easy since Snapchat allows you to send a request to a different Snapchat user in several ways.

To learn how to send a request to a Snapchat user, follow the simple methods listed down below for your help.

Method 1: You can use the Snapcode to send another Snapchat user the friend request.

Method 2: You can also make use of the username of the Snapchat user whom you are wanting to send the request. You just need to enter their username and add them as your friend on Snapchat.

Method 3: You can also add a Snapchat user if you have his or her phone number. If the person is on Snapchat with the number they gave it to you, you can add them on Snapchat using that number. You just need to permit the Snapchat app to access your contacts to scan people on Snapchat with that number. 

Method 4: You can share your Snapchat profile link with your friends, which is very easy to share. You can easily share the profile link by going to your profile page and simply share the profile link with your friends.

Method 5: Not the best of all but works. Snapchat has a friend suggestion option in its app which makes it easier to add the ones you want on your Snapchat.

With these methods, you can easily add another Snapchat user on your Snapchat. All of these methods are quite straightforward to implement. 

Once you send the friend request, it will depend on the other Snapchat user if he or she wants to add you to their Snapchat.

How to see if someone responded to your friend request on Snapchat by adding you back?

To see if someone you added has added you back, follow the simple steps discussed below for your convenience.

Step 1: Tap the profile icon at the top right of your Snapchat home display. Tap your profile icon to view the “My Friends” list. 

Step 2: Select the “My Friends” option to view the list of your friends. This list will showcase the list of people who have added you back.

I hope through these steps you can easily get to know how to see who added you on Snapchat?

How to delete or ignore the friend request?

If you are wanting to delete or deny or ignore a friend request, you can simply do by pressing and holding on the username of the person from the list of friend requests. What this will do is, it will display you a list of options which will also include the “ignore friend request” option. 

What if you have added the person and now you want it gone? It’s again as simple as the above one. You need to press and hold the username of the user. It will display a list of options such as Snap, Chat, audio call, Video call, more and send the username to. You need to select the “More” option.

Once you select the more option, a window will slide option displaying a list of options which will also include report, block, and remove a friend.

If you just want to remove them from your Snapchat, then you simply need to click on the remove friend option to remove them from your Snapchat. Or you can choose whichever option you prefer.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat can be a bit confusing, but finding friends and to know who added you on Snapchat is pretty straightforward and easy. Now you know how to see who added you on Snapchat? Now rush to your Snapchat and approve all the friend requests that are pending and the ones you want to be there in your Snapchat friends list.

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