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Samsung has added a new member to its S20 series family, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The company announces a new and unique feature of Galaxy S20 Ultra called Space Zoom. The distinguishing feature that makes it different from the other is the massive, designed telephoto lens camera. It is like the biggest zoom we might have ever seen on a smartphone. With the new feature, you can zoom much closer than ever on a Galaxy phone and can see minute details from farther away. It is an incredible feature that it is printed on the back as 100X Space Zoom. With the new Space Zoom feature, it is easy to capture those details that the other cameras will not approach.

How to use the Space Zoom feature of Galaxy S20 Ultra

Open your Galaxy S20 Ultra phone’s Camera to use the Space Zoom

On top of the shutter button, you will see a menu. The mode of shooting should be set on the Photo and frame your object.

Zoom in with the help of your forefinger and thumb. To zoom out, using your thumb and forefinger, make a pinch motion.

The viewfinder on the device will show the zoom level’s scale towards the base of the phone’s screen if you are shooting the picture in a portrait mode. You will notice the same scale towards the left.

For more precise zoom, you will have to utilize the circled levels of the zoom placed in line with the scale. Tapping on 1X will take you to the normal view. Using the 0.5X will zoom a wider shot. Clicking on the 100X option will lead you to Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Space Zoom feature.

How does Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Space Zoom Feature Works?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a quad-rear camera that comprises a primary sensor of 108MP, an ultra-wide sensor of 12MP, a telephoto sensor of 48MP, and a DepthVision sensor. The device relies entirely on the primary sensor for its normal shots, but it switches its Camera to the telephoto lens if you zoom in. The 48MP telephone lens is unique from any other smartphone. Samsung has placed this telephoto lens at the bottom of the Camera and has turned the lens sideways.

This method allows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to offer a 10X zoom and a software zoom of 100X. Samsung claims that the quality of the images will not be lost up to 10X zoom. As you keep moving from 10X to 100X, the pictures’ quality will reduce as the device switches to the digital zoom and many Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other image processing methods.

Is the new Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Space Zoom Feature Unique?

The mechanism is not new, but yes, the phone has a unique feature of 100X zoom that none of the brands have offered in the market yet. Many of the mobiles lack the high-resolution sensor that Galaxy S20 Ultra offers. The 108MP primary sensor uses the new Nanocell technology, which is much better than its previous series that used Tetracell technology. For better image quality, the tech has about nine adjacent pixels instead of four.

If you love wildlife photography, with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Space Zoom feature, you can shoot pictures of birds and wildlife that would run away as they spot you. This is the best use of a telephoto lens, after all. You can use the 100X zoom feature on any other photography style and find what works best for you.

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