Privacy Report Feature in Safari

When you are browsing through websites on your Safari on iOS, have you ever noticed if any of these sites have trackers? Apple has come up with a new feature known as the Privacy Report to the Safari browser that will prevent any the websites from tracking as you keep browsing. The feature informs you about the trackers that the browser has blocked. Furthermore, we will know the use of the private report feature in Safari that uses Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention functionality.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention Function Tool in Safari

Apple has strengthened the Intelligent Tracking Prevention tool in Safari. The tool uses on-device machine learning that helps the websites to function normally. The ITP works in many ways.

Steps to Use the Privacy Report Feature in Safari

On Safari, the privacy icon is placed next near the address bar. With a single click, you can check which trackers use the website to track your visit. You can get a detailed privacy report by simply clicking on the (i) button or even on your mobile device by selecting the Privacy Report option.

  • On your Safari 14, you can check your privacy report. As mentioned above, click on the shield icon from the toolbar to check what is blocked on your current website.
  • Click on the (i) to get the complete report. The report will show the data for the past 30 days.
  • You can even check your privacy report from iOS by loading a website in Safari, Tap the AA button, and then select the Privacy Report.

When you check the report, you will see how many sites are using trackers and how many trackers are installed on every site you visit. You can even identify the most prevalent trackers across the multiple sites that you visit.

You need to enable cross-site tracking prevention in the settings if you want the Privacy Report to work. It can even be set on default.

How does the Privacy Report Help?

The important that shows that Privacy Report helps is you knowing that Apple is helping you. Checking the Privacy Report timely will help you show which websites have tried the hardest to monetize your site? Even some of the newspapers are the most aggressive sites as they use various advertising sources to generate their income.

Many websites use content providers from third-party to track you across websites and advertise their products or services. With the help of the Privacy Report, you can prevent cross-site tracking. The privacy report also helps to block all the cookies stored by the third-party or the advertisers.

With the help of Apple, Safari prevents the trackers that follow you across the websites your browse. It is also quite interesting to notice which of the sites use such trackers and how many contact them. The Privacy Report helps the Intelligent Tracking Protection to turn it on by default, and this applies to all the browsers not only on Safari but also on iOS.

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