iType.exe service

Microsoft has advanced features that enable devices to function in the best way. The manufacture has product features that make PC devices to be in the most productive state. In some instances, users may find options indicated itype.exe. When such an option appears is not a case to raise an alarm since it is a feature that is in many services. iType.exe service is a windows service that controls Microsoft keyboards.

The item enables the users to use the Keyboard to the devices in the most productive away. The mouse is used for many purposes. They require configuration with other services to provide the user with an experience in device accessibility.

iType.exe service

What is iType.exe?

The feature relates greatly to a program action known as IntelliType which is a keyboard driver for Microsoft keyboards. Microsoft manufactures their keyboards and supplies them to users across the globe. iType.exe service enables the keyboards to be compatible with devices. Many device manufacturers have branded keyboards. Windows do not come with its default drivers. The specific drivers include advanced features for special buttons. By the use of iType.exe, access to the device Keyboard is possible. iType.exe is not malware or any threat to the device. The item is legit and is appropriate for the functionality of the device to the best use. The original Microsoft IntelliType is updated constantly making the users have the best out of their devices. The feature enables users to have personalized Keys to make their usage appropriate. iType.exe is useful in mouse control. When the user is using the mouse to access their computers the item makes the operation possible. Access to windows services can be challenging if the feature is not incorporated into the device. Drivers of the PC are important to the productivity of the device. The item is compatible with most drivers which means that the harm level of the device is greatly reduced.

How to disable iType.exe service

In some instances, the users may be interested in disabling the iType.exe for several reasons. There are many available methods that users can easily stop the feature. When using Microsoft Keyboard or mouse with some additional features it’s not reasonable to disable the feature. The service uses little resources and can cause little harm to the device. The user can find other alternatives to access the keyboards before disabling the service.

Stop iType.exe service starting with windows:

This is among the best ways to disable the feature on the device. The user can stop the iType by:

Step 1: Right-click on an empty section on the taskbar option and search Task Manger.

Step 2: Select the Start-up tab and find iType.exe option on the navigation options.

Step 3: Double click the option to display the disabled status on the option.

Step 4: Reboot the computer. The option will be displayed on the screen.

The user can re-enable the option by following the same procedure and select the enable option. Once the service is disabled some keyboard operations on the PC will not function most productively.

Stop the iType.exe service:

The user can stop the service manually if they are not interested in running the item on the device. The user can disable the feature by:

Step 1: Right-click on an empty section of the taskbar of the computer and select Task Manager.

Step 2: Select the services tab and the open services link on the bottom left of the bar.

Step 3: Select Microsoft IntelliType from the list of options. The processes can be conducted manually which will enable the user to disable iType.exe services.

Step 4: Select the Stop option. Once the service is stopped it’s permanently inaccessible to the users. The users can access the service by navigating to the option and select the option that indicates enable.

iType.exe service

Remove IntelliType completely from the device:

Microsoft IntelliType is a driver which means it can be uninstalled from the device when need to do so arises. The user will need to reboot the device to enable the windows system to install new drivers into the device. Once the drivers are loaded the keyboard will automatically function in the best way. To disable the feature using the method users can:

Step 1: Right-click the Windows start button and select device manager.

Step 2: Select Uninstall a program from the list of items provided on the option.

Step 3: Select Microsoft IntelliType and right-click the uninstall option from the top of the centre box.

Step 4: Reboot your computer once complete to load the default driver.

By doing so the users can no longer see the iType.exe service running on the computer. The users need to know that the volume button or special function button keys will no longer function. If the user does find a shortcut they can disable the service for their convenience

How iType.exe service affect productivity:

In many instances, the service is mainly used to make the keyboard of computer access in the best way. The drivers of the computer in some cases can be inaccessible to Microsoft services. The users need to use the service to make their keyboards and devices accessible in the best way.

Services Like iType.exe:

iType.exe enable users to perform actions with their keyboards. The mouse is used to access many functional features of the computer. They require the use of iType.exe to make them productive and accessible. When the service is inaccessible the computer will automatically update the system service to a more convenient type. The drivers of the computer can be used to control the keyboard of the PC.

Final Thoughts:

Many available features make desktops and computers to be functional. Microsoft has developed items that enable users to use mouse and keyboards in the best way. iType.exe is a service provided by Microsoft to enable the users to access Keyboard features on their devices. Absence of the service can make access to some functional features to be inaccessible. Users can disable the feature at their convenience. The methods provided above can provide users with the best ways to make use of the service.

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