Real Estate Development

Our Real Estate Development experience is in both new construction and renovations of residential and commercial projects. We have built and or renovated resorts, hotels, condominiums, single family homes, and commercial office and retail buildings.

What defines and distinguishes our group from others is our stability, creativity, and the professional expertise of our management team. Over the last 30 years our team has experience in handling all phases of real estate development including evaluation, financing, predevelopment, environmental construction, sales and marketing, and management.

Real Estate Brokerage

We are licensed Florida Real Estate Brokers and have assisted several clients obtain new and or sell old facilities as part of

their business and or home expansions. We have experience with the sales and marketing of single and or multi-unit residential and commercial projects. Usually our Brokerage services are bundled with our real estate development and or design build efforts and create costs savings to our clients.